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“We greatly enjoy walking through our vineyard every day. The team at P&T have made the entire process (starting from soil testing to installing posts, trellis and 400 vines to vineyard maintenance) simple and stress free. They have always been enthusiastic in answering all our questions and the construction and maintenance crews have been efficient and highly professional. They’re doing a terrific job and our beautiful vines are a true testimony of their good work.”

“We hired Post & Trellis three years ago and they have greatly improved our existing vineyard. The prior vineyard manager was unable to keep ahead of issues like mildew and early signs of disease, and our vineyard had been suffering. We are really happy with the whole team, they are efficient and really know their business. Our grapes are thriving and our yields keep increasing! I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a vineyard manager.”

“I’ve been working with Post and Trellis since 2013 when we planted a one-acre Pinot Vineyard.  It’s been lots of fun to learn the process of growing vines and making wine.  The Post and Trellis team has been great at answering questions and bringing me along the process.  They do great work from planting, maintaining, harvesting and winemaking.  Would highly recommend them as a partner to work with.”

“Post & Trellis has been a terrific partner for us and our family vineyard. They consulted, planted, and began management of our plot some 10 years ago. Every step of the way, the crew have been professional, collaborative and results-oriented. We enthusiastically recommend them!”

“Post and Trellis does a fantastic job of managing our vineyard, and the wine that you make is exceptional. Everyone who tastes it gives rave reviews, and always asks for how they can get more. It is a pleasure working with you, and we recommend you without reservation!”

“My wife and I selected Post & Trellis to manage our Pinot Noir vineyard. We’re thrilled we did. We’ve been working with them since 2014. And all aspects of their work for us, from vineyard management to winemaking have been exceptional. And the routine minutiae (too often neglected) like accounting and email responsiveness has been flawless too. We strongly endorse this team.”

“This time the job was to expand our vineyard. If we somehow acquired more land for vineyard, we’d hire them again… and again.”

“They are terrific. I shopped around and found them to be the most responsive and fairly priced of similar companies. They ran the project from dirt to thriving vines. Including customizing of our vineyard to match our neighbors in Trellis style. Per square foot our vineyard was not only a great addition to the property but also cost about the same or less than what our gardener would have charged us for just taking care of it as a meadow. We have already recommended P&T to several friends and we are looking forward to our first full year of wine production.”

“The Post and Trellis team is fantastic! They have performed with excellence in maintaining, managing and bottling our vineyard. We are extremely pleased with our latest vintage produced, the flavor of our wine is outstanding, due to the diligence and expertise of the winemaking team.”

“We have been extremely happy with Post & Trellis and all their great team. They are quick to answer us if we have any questions and have provided a turn-key fantastic service to us for years. We have many vines and don’t have to worry that they will take care of our vineyard 100%, with no worries and trouble on our end. And to top it all off, the bottled wine they send us at the end of the year is fantastic!! I would highly recommend Post & Trellis with no reservations!”

“La Honda Winery has worked magic in our home vineyard. They have worked closely with us, and handle all aspects of our vineyard needs throughout the year. Their attention to every facet of the winemaking process has been critical for us to get the most and best grapes possible. They are proactive about any problems that may arise. When we had problems with deer invading the vineyard, they worked with us to secure the area in an animal-friendly way. We are thrilled with the work La Honda Winery has done for us!”

“We have been very pleased with the work. Honest, Dependable and Knowledgeable!”

“The people at Post & Trellis are highly professional and great to work with. They take pride in the process of producing great wines from springtime to the bottle. They handle all the steps to make great wine from your own property. They have made owning your own vineyard a great experience.”

“We’ve been using Post and Trellis for vineyard maintenance and La Honda Winery for winemaking going on our 11th year now. We inherited a small Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard from the previous owner and had Post and Trellis update and expand it. The vintages have been consistently great, and it is wonderful to see how they improve over time with cellaring and aging. In a small way, it is like being part of a team, and it is great to savor the product of that teamwork from your backyard ‘terroir’.”

“We’re so grateful to La Honda Winery for their many years of making our wine from our small family vineyard in Menlo Park. They are always so professional and gracious and the wine that they make is consistently wonderful to serve to even the most discriminating palates.”

“Within 2 years of switching to Post and Trellis, our Chardonnay production increased by 50% and the wine is more flavorful. Our new Merlot vines started producing fruit within 3 years and reached full capacity in 5 years. All this is attributed to professional work by the crew. They work like a clock with every aspect of growing grapes from pruning to fertilizing to spraying to irrigation; it’s a complete package we can rely on. Most importantly, we get a 24-hour turn around on email communication. We have already recommended Post and Trellis to our neighbor and will be happy to recommend to others.”

“Post & Trellis has been managing our vineyard since it was planted in 2009. Our quality has been consistently good over that period of time and has been translated into excellent wine on a year to year basis. The crew are incredibly knowledgeable and experienced and have resisted applying cookie cutter approaches to the management. If you have interest in establishing and enjoying a smaller scale vineyard on your property, I’d highly recommend this team.”

“Post and Trellis run a very smooth operation – from top to bottom – 5 stars!”

“We have a one-acre plot that is half Pinot Noir and half Chardonnay. La Honda Winery makes it so easy to enjoy. From caring for our vines to making the wine, La Honda does it all. All this happy customer has had to do for four years is supply is the label! Best of all, it’s a wine we can be proud of whether it be imbibed or shared.”


“The team at La Honda Winery/Post & Trellis are the best. From maintaining the vineyard year-round through to the harvest, wine-making and bottling they are both proactive and professional. The wine is wonderful and the peace-of-mind invaluable.”

“Post and Trellis took over maintenance of our vineyard 5 years ago and we have been delighted with the results. The team are proactive, responsive and bring their expertise to every detail from vine management to wine production. We couldn’t be happier with the quality of the wine we receive back from our grapes each year.”


”The most professional, knowledgeable and experienced vineyard management company in the region. The personable and efficient staff makes it a pleasure interfacing with them.”

“We started our vineyard in 2017.  From the get-go the entire experience has been very pleasant.  Even before we did the planting, they explained to us the different grape varietals that would be ideal for our location and some different designs that will improve the landscape.  The crew that maintains the vineyard over the years is super professional.  Their work is fast and efficient.  In 2020 we had an early first harvest resulting in about 150 bottles from 250 vines.  That’s impressive for a three-year-old vineyard, more will come next year and beyond.  We highly recommend the Post and Trellis team.”

“We could not be more pleased for three main reasons:
One. The vineyard maintenance has always been excellent and done in a great spirit of flexibility, efficiency, longevity and cost control. One of the most pleasant surprises is hearing the workers in the vineyard whether they are pruning, putting up nets or planting but they are always happy, singing, laughing while still getting the job done. A happy, productive workforce is a signal.
Two. The winemaking. The wines are definitely a step up from our previous “single vineyard” wines and the operation in Redwood City is an ambitious project for excellence.
Three. The business arrangement and the people. The contract to get a certain percentage of the blended wine, while having the flexibility for more works perfectly for us. But most important, is dealing with the team in any aspect of this adventure. Absolute integrity, hard work, great communication and just delightful to work with.”

“The team do a terrific job in providing a level of quality and service that is unparalleled. They are quick to respond with any questions and thoughtful advice and will allow you to be as involved in the process as you wish. I would strongly recommend Post & Trellis for your vineyard installation and management.”

“We can’t recommend the wonderful folks at Post and Trellis/La Honda Winery highly enough. They know what they’re doing. Every member of their staff is friendly and hard-working. They respond to calls and emails right away. If you’re thinking about putting in a new vineyard or have an existing vineyard that needs some love, Post and Trellis is the only company we recommend. And when it comes to turning your grapes into a lovely wine, the La Honda Winery winemakers are magicians and year after year, turn our grapes into delicious wines that we love to enjoy and make us proud to share. These folks know their business. They’re professional and always a pleasure to work with.”