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Award Winning Wine
Skillful Service
Practical Beauty
Professional Value
Valued Design

We can harvest, vinify, barrel, bottle & label the wine for you locally at our winery, then give you 20% back for free or more for a fee. Our much-loved wines are constantly winning fans, accolades & awards.

Skillful Service

Our expert crew will follow a precise management timetable so you don’t do anything (unless you want to) other than take immense pleasure in your gift to yourself, your family, your land and your home’s value.

Professional Value

We will manage your vineyard to a highly professional standard and for lower fees than you or anyone else could manage it properly, thanks to the economies of scale of managing the majority of local residential vineyards.

Practical Beauty

Young vines use less than 10% of the water a lawn requires. Vines grow happily in tricky soils/slopes and qualify as drought-tolerant plants as a responsible alternative to permanently thirsty landscaping.

Valued Design

We work with the owners to design the 200 or 2,000 vine vineyards of their dreams. As experts in viticulture who adore this region, we’re proud that every vineyard owner is testament to our skill and service.

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Private Vineyards

  • We install and manage vineyards for San Francisco Peninsula residents.
  • Vines are a stunning & prestigious design feature that radically enhance the look, feel, fun and value of the land.
  • Vines only use less than 10% of the water a lawn requires. Vines qualify as drought-tolerant plants and are a responsible alternative to permanently thirsty landscaping.
  • Vines grow happily on tough soils & slopes and in tricky landscaping areas.
  • Even a 50’x100′ vineyard of 200 vines can produce 200-350 bottles a year, depending on weather and soils.

Installation & Management

  • We will custom design the layout with you, choose a varietal, select the perfect clone & rootstocks, then customize a trellis system & drip irrigation system for you.
  • We proudly deliver personal service tailored to every client’s desires, requirements and budget.
  • We can provide many testimonials for our immaculate service – everyone loves our team, service and wine!
  • Or perhaps you have a vineyard that isn’t producing good grapes? We help many owners recover from amateurism and neglect.

Our Winery, Your Wine

  • As late summer arrives we will harvest your grapes to vinify and bottle your wine.
  • Our in-house winery has been making excellent wines for 20 years, with an ever-expanding reputation and list of awards.
  • The typical arrangement is we spend all the money & time making the wine, then give you 20% back for free, and any more for $20 per bottle.
  • Clients either take the wine with their names and info on our label templates, or design and add their own labels.
  • Get in touch for a site visit to talk vines or a winery visit to taste some wines.