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We can provide endless testimonials and references for our immaculate service – everyone loves our team, service and wine! Our client list grows every year and we’ve never lost a client. A selection of recent projects among our 100+ vineyards is below:

Location Variety & Clone Rootstock Project Description
Portola Valley Pinot Noir 236 1103P Proprietary French clone planted in three blocks on flat meadow
Hillsborough Chardonnay 04 110R Steep south-facing slope
La Honda Sangiovese 02
Pinot 114
St. George
 Terraced site on steep slopes facing the Pacific Ocean
Saratoga Cabernet Sauvignon 07 44-53 French clone planted above renovated estate
Portola Valley Chardonnay 15 1103P Modern vinifera clones and restoration of very old mission vines
Woodside Pinot Noir 667, 777 Proprietary French Entav-Inra clones managed on east-facing hillside
Monte Sereno Syrah 174 3309 Vines planted on two southeast facing slopes with spectacular views of the valley
Saratoga Cabernet 338 101-14 Modern clone planted in deep clay loam surrounded by large heritage oaks
Atherton Chardonnay 83 420A Vertical shoot positioned bi-lateral cordon training system
Los Altos Hills Syrah 877 3309 Rhone clone managed on steep hill alongside ancient olive trees
Los Altos Hills Cabernet 39 1103P Meticulously planted within a large residential rose garden setting
Woodside Sauvignon Blanc  18 101-14 Vineyard is the primary feature within a renovated landscape
Los Gatos Cabernet 337 44-53 Steep east-facing slope, clay loam
Woodside Pinot Noir 97 & 115 101-14 Field blend of Dijon clones


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