Our focus

We provide San Francisco Peninsula property owners with access to the world of premium grape growing and world-class winemaking.

There are a few others aiming to help private vineyards, but none with our laser focus on the best residential vines and wines service possible:

  1. We are the only vineyard company 100% focused on residential vineyards, with zero commercial clients. Do you want to be at the bottom of someone else’s To Do list?
  2. We are the only vineyard company based in and 100% focused on the Peninsula. Do you want a crew trying to make time to get to you from over an hour away from their base and core clients?
  3. We are the only vineyard company with an in-house winery, a wall full of winemaking awards and a full-time high-quality professional winemaker. Do you want ordinary ‘backyard’ wines or award-winning wines you can be really proud of?

This focus is part of why we now have over 100 extremely loyal clients that we move heaven and earth for. We are proud to say they are all fervent supporters of the quality and value of our work. Meanwhile, we are determined to ensure they remain our best source of new clients and ringing endorsements.

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Thayer Headshot 2

Thayer Dunwoody, Head Vineyard Manager

Thayer Dunwoody is a native of the Santa Cruz Mountains who holds a degree in Horticulture and Viticulture from Washington State University. He continues to hone his craft with continual research, meticulous observation and the help of his 3 highly-skilled vineyard teams.

Thayer has been leading vineyard crews since 2011, with responsibility for all facets of vineyard management from pruning through to harvest, including protocols for disease, nutrient and water management and all deepened by working as the Head Vineyard Manager of our 100+ estate vineyards since 2016.

When not in the vineyards, Thayer can be found in his family orchard nurturing over 50 varieties of specialty fruit trees and enjoying life with his wife Megan and young family.

Charlie Headshot 2

Charlie Miller, Winemaker

A hyper-talented and skilled winemaker, Charlie has compiled a highly impressive resume. He got his start at Starmont in Napa followed by harvests in Argentina, South Africa, and New Zealand, all before working his way up to Assistant Winemaker at AP VIN, the cult Pinot winery.

Prior to being cherry-picked by La Honda, Charlie spent 5 years in Sonoma as Assistant Winemaker to Michael Cruse (2016 SF Chronicle Winemaker of the Year) handcrafting some of California’s most sought-after wines. The stunning results also led them to overseeing ‘custom crush’ production for a dozen other wineries.

When Charlie’s nose isn’t in a barrel, he’s likely to be walking the beach with his wife and son while plotting the next adventure.

Cathy Headshot

Cathy La Mar, Operations Manager

Cathy is a big part of the sunshine here who oversees the client wine allocations while also managing the office and many other responsibilities in style.

When she moved to California in 1997, she worked for Franklin and Autodesk. Once the kids arrived she enjoyed that new adventure while teaching aerobics, assisting personal clients and volunteering. While one kid is off at college, the other is still around for now and Cathy’s cherishing their time together.

When Cathy is not at the winery, you’ll find her trying new recipes, swimming or running, at least until the wine kicks in.


David Page, Owner

David ‘Jacko’ Page grew up in England and France and learned a little from watching his father run several wineries’ international operations (including Calvet in Bordeaux, Thorin in Burgundy, Dehours in Champagne).

A philosophy and economics graduate of Oxford University, David moved to San Francisco in 2001 and worked for 2 technology companies before 2011, when he found this new adventure in Californian wine.

When not pursuing great vines and wines, David adores exploring California with his wife, son, and friends for the best scenery and mischief.