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Perhaps you have a vineyard that isn’t producing good grapes? We help many owners recover from the neglect and amateurism common in this industry which quickly destroy both the aesthetics and yield. Other folks’ residential vineyards sadly appear quite messy compared to the well-trained and productive uniformity that you can see on our and professionally-run estates.

Regularly managed vines are the only way to produce decent wine-bearing grapes. We’ll be happy to explain and provide examples of the differences between casual landscaping and trained committed viticultural service.

By managing over 100 vineyards in the area, we’re able to specialize in tasks and refine processes to the point that significant economies of scale can be shared by all clients.

Post & Trellis vineyard management programs include:


Carefully select positions and year’s structure by pruning each vine according to plant health and the season’s objectives

Cover crops

Soil analysis and adjustment to control erosion, attract beneficial insects and fix nitrogen.


Monitor pH, N, P, K, organics, and adjust as needed


Sulfur and other sustainable organic mildewcides, up to 12 times a year

Vine Training

Training of each plant critical to maximize performance via ties/wires, shoot-thinning, laterals/suckers removal

Canopy Hedging

Late summer in order to induce fruit flavors

Leaf Removal

Late summer to focus afternoon heat on fruit clusters

Bird Netting

Late summer to protect the fruit

Irrigation management

As needed to induce growth or stress

Monitor fruit ripening

Refractometer for sugar, taste for acids, tannins, forecast harvest date


As directed by client and winemaker

Winter repairs & Spring vine replacements

As directed by client and Vineyard Manager.


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