Private Vineyards

  • Vines are a stunning & prestigious design feature that radically enhance the look, feel, fun and value of the land.
  • Vineyards require less maintenance and less water than many plants.
  • Take advantage of soil or slopes that won’t readily grow or are prone to poison oak.
  • Depending on soil/sun/varietal a 0.1 acre lot can produce vines sufficient for 100-250 bottles a year!
  • Or perhaps you have a vineyard that isn’t producing good grapes? We help many owners recover from amateurism and neglect.

Installation & Management

  • We will custom design then plant or just manage your vineyard.
  • We will jointly select the perfect rootstocks for the jointly chosen varietals.
  • Then customize a trellis system & drip irrigation system to nourish your vines and conserve water.
  • We proudly deliver personal service tailored to every client’s desires, requirements and budget.
  • We can provide many references for our immaculate service – everyone loves our team, service and wine – including us!

Our Winery, Your Wine

  • As late summer arrives we will harvest your grapes to vinify and bottle your wine.
  • Our subsidiary has been making excellent wines for 12 years, with an ever-expanding reputation and list of awards.
  • The typical arrangement is we spend all the money & time making the wine at our winery, then give you 20% back for free or more for a fee.
  • Clients either take the wine back without labels, or with our labels, or design and add their own labels.
  • Please call to arrange a site visit or winery visit to taste our wines.