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We can provide endless references for our immaculate service – everyone loves our team, service and wine, including us!  As experts in geology & viticulture we’re proud that every owner and vineyard is testament to our skill and service. Our client list grows every year and we’ve never lost a client. Our most recent vineyards include:


Variety &
Genetic Clone
Portola ValleyPinot Noir 2361103PProprietary French clone planted in three blocks on multiple slopes and benches
HillsboroughCab Franc 332
Merlot 181
Riparia Gloire
‘Cheval Blanc style’ blend on steeply terraced south facing slopes,
La HondaNebbiolo ‘Lampia’
Sangiovese 02
Cabernet 04
St. George
‘Super Tuscan’ blend on steep slopes facing the Pacific Ocean
Portola ValleyCabernet Franc 13101-14French clone planted on a very steeply terraced grade above old estate
Portola ValleyCabernet 04
Chardonnay 15
Modern vinifera clones and restoration of very old mission vines
Los Altos HillsPinot Noir 667, 777ProprietaryFrench Entav-Inra clones managed on steep east-facing hillside
AlmadenSyrah 1743309Vines planted on a southwest facing slope with spectacular views of the Almaden valley
Los Altos HillsCabernet 338101-14Modern clone planted in deep clay loam surrounded by large heritage oaks
WoodsideChardonnay 83420AVertical shoot positioned bi-lateral cordon training system
Los Altos HillsSyrah 8773309Rhone clone managed on steep hill alongside ancient olive trees
AthertonCabernet 391103PMeticulously planted within a large residential rose garden setting
Redwood CitySangiovese 02101-14Vineyard is the primary landscaping feature in the front yard of a remodeled ranch-style home
Mountain ViewTempranillo 021103PNew vinifera variety in the U.S., experimental trellis system
WoodsideCabernet 7, 169101-14One UC Davis FPMS clone and one Intav-Enra French clone, field blend